REGENERATIVE DESIGN, by Jan Leyssens, focusses on mixing impact entrepreneurship with innovative business strategies.
Our mission is to design and manage projects and companies that are impact-driven, with a focus on circular economy, social entrepreneurship, and education. This website is a showcase both our current and previous projects.

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Wonderwaar / Marvelous but true is an internationally published children’s book-series on the curiosity that drives scientific research.
There's also a theatre show based on the books currently touring called “Jan & de wonderwaar band”.


At switchrs we build purpose driven businesses that are able to tackle global challenges. We develop pragmatic entrepreneurial mindsets that translate these challenges into opportunities for innovation.
That is why we connect learning experiences with output-driven tools and workshops in everything we do.


We Are Impact Collective.
We help you to initiate, embrace, and scale impact.
We bring together different fields of expertise to tackle interconnected challenges. So whatever the change you are looking for - in leadership, impact investing, scaling planetary and societal solutions, strategy, ESG, philanthropy, venture building, inner development goals, circularity, distributivity, or inclusiveness - we're here to inspire, guide and support you every step of the way.


ImpactGenie 🧞‍♂️ helps businesses to better understand their impact opportunities in just a few clicks. Through a couple of questions, you’ll unlock personalized sustainability insights, new business ideas and actionable feedback.



21st Century Design is a research-podcast by Rodrigo Bautista & Jan Leyssens in which they ask designers, tech-experts, writers, theorists, academics, activists and campaigners 5 questions on the future of design.

Listen to all the episodes here

THE END OF THE WORLD (as we know it)

The end of the world as we know it  is an energetic lecture-performance about activism, entrepreneurship and the feasibility of the future.

Under the motto “there is not one big solution but many small solutions”, Jan Leyssens and director Ruud Horrichs discuss special projects and deliver his message.

Watch the full performance here